Kinect just got Epic

One of the reasons why Microsoft’s Kinect has been so very popular is because of the family focused games but as if to counter that, it’s also been the reason why the core audience has shied away from the device. Rumours have been circling the web about the possibility of Microsoft’s hardest of hardcore titles getting a Kinect game but as of yet, a hands-free Gears of War is still steeped in speculations. Today, they’re getting one step closer to reality with a trusted source telling Kotaku that a Gears game is coming to Kinect and it will be an on-rails shooter. An image has even been sourced of an early concept using Gears of War 2 assets.

Trusted sources can always be taken with a pinch of salt but Kotaku aren’t the kind of site to follow up empty leads and there has been a few anomalies regarding Gears in the last few months. At last year’s VGAs, a surprising Gears of War reveal was planned but pulled at the last minute because the timing wasn’t right. When the rumours about a Kinect game first came about, Cliff Bleszinski tweeted there would be “No Kinect in Gears of War 3,” though didn’t rule out the existence of another Gears specifically for Kinect. As of last month, Epic own the trademark for something called Gears of War: Exile but haven’t announced anything or even confirmed such a thing.

But is Gears of War suited for a controller-less experience? If it is on-rails chances are the game will be a shooting gallery of sorts though the famous cover mechanic would be an interesting implementation. Physically ducking in and out of cover may work like it has done for certain arcade shooters and if done correctly, chainsawing Locusts could be very satisfying. Though to be honest, I’d prefer if it were something different altogether, something new to gaming like Kinect, or rather its success at being a hands-free controller. Classic on-rails shooters are great but this device has the potential to treat the genre in brand new ways. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


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