The Skyrims the limit

In this month’s issue of Official Xbox Magazine there’s a whole feature about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You may have heard of it, the fourth game was rather divine so Bethesda thought, hey lets make a fifth! Before you could say Dr. Pepper, the new game was announced at last year’s VGAs with barely a suggestion of graphics. Since then, imagery and screenshots have been released, bringing this almighty tangent back round to the OXM article which sports an assortment of pics that are a must see for fans. Some of them have already appeared in the GameInformer coverage but those that are fresh from Bethesda show off the power of the new engine. Skyrim uses, or is said to use a brand new engine instead of tweaking Gamebryo, the once staple undercurrent in all Bethesda games. In Oblivion, areas were vast but un-seamlessly loaded vegetation and the characters you came across looked and acted like string puppets. From the screenshot of the barmaid, this new engine appears to be able to create realistic human faces that will hopefully animate as well as they look. A big draw that Oblivion had for me was that it was my first next-gen game so, at the time, had incredible graphics. Jumping forward to nowadays, Skyrim is providing the same wows as Oblivion did almost five years ago. Just look at that furry beast getting an all-over singe. Okay so the player’s arm looks a bit funky at the moment but the creature sure looks impressive.


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