13 games ready for 3DS launch

The official launch line up for the 3DS has been revealed and misses the target of 25 titles by about 12 (via MCV). But the remaining 13 games aren’t anything to scoff over with a strong third party support from the start. EA are offering The Sims 3, Konami have what could become the early adopters game of choice in England; PES 2011 3D and Ubisoft is releasing two Tom Clancy titles, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars and Splinter Cell 3D. The list has been rumoured for some time with a lot of retailers already allowing preorders with a launch date of March 25th but the absence of more first party Nintendo games hasn’t gone down too well with some fans. Nintendo themselves know that their games have always been the best on their systems and have deliberately refrained from releasing the likes of Zelda and Kid Icarus choosing to sell Pilotwings Resort and three versions of Nintendogs + Cats. Those two will surely get the approval of a more casual audience, especially Nintendogs + Cats, leaving the rest of us to lap up the third party games. Clever eh? If the titles prove popular it won’t only instil confidence to release and develop more of these kinds of experiences but hopefully help consumers to associate the 3DS with ‘real games’ as well as being another Nintendo player. Lets face it, there is at least two or three on the list that will satisfy most gamers and with the 3DS selling for around £200, anymore would grossly exceed the realms of affordability!


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