Halo HD. Fact?

Microsoft’s most successful franchise is soon to return to its roots in glorious HD according to Joystiq who are reporting a Halo remake is being made. A rumour about a high def Halo has been around for some time and at the start of December, Microsoft commented, or rather, chose not to give any details away by saying they had nothing to announce at the time. In gaming terms, you can take that as a yes. The studio behind Timeshift, Saber Interactive is said to be tasked with porting the game to the Xbox 360 and despite earlier thoughts, it won’t be running on the Halo: Reach engine but something new altogether with new art assets too.

Its release of November 15th this year would mark the ten year anniversary of the original versions launch which is frightening. Ten years have passed since I first played Halo!? In that time we’ve seen an adoption of the two-weapon limit in a lot of shooters and a desire to add vehicular combat to campaigns thanks to the pioneering work of the folks at Bungie did. Vehicles weren’t new to shooters but the brilliant implementation was, particularly on a console.

An upscaled version of Halo can be played at the moment via backwards compatibility or Live but the new game will be full 1080p and have a multiplayer mode featuring online co-op. The audio and now-iconic chanting monks are likely to remain the same whereas everything else is getting a once over. And it won’t be the only Halo either with 343 Industries supposedly working on a brand new game too. A high definition remake would be a fitting salute to Halo‘s achievements so let’s hope these aren’t just more rumours and Master Chief will indeed return in November. Even if it is to redo a mission he’s already conquered.


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