What do the 3DS and Kinect have in common?

With the development of Conduit 2 coming to an end for its March 25th release date, what a team like High Voltage Software to do with their time? Port the admirably ambitious first game over to the 3DS of course! Eric Nofsinger of High Voltage spoke with Eurogamer revealing how a lot of resources are now focused on making this happen but the development is in very early stages. The lower resolution of the 3DS compared to Wii is masked by having a smaller screen and even in such an early phase, Nofsinger said how well it runs both 2D and full 3D. Nothing will be shown until this year’s GDC but the initial stages are sounding very good. The Conduit wasn’t the best Wii shooter but certainly a promising start, offering the chance to play a solid multiplayer FPS on a system lacking in said genre. The passion that High Voltage has for treating the Wii and its gamers like a legitimate receptor for these types of games is indeed praiseworthy. A publisher is still needed before The Conduit 3DS will become a reality but when Sega are handling both Wii games, it’s likely they’ll take on the 3DS one too. And hopefully it won’t be a long wait since there hasn’t been any real FPS games announced for Nintendo’s next handheld. Without any competition in the genre, Sega and High Voltage could be sitting on a must-have for those picking up a system wanting to satisfy their itch for on and offline shooting. Especially with the new and improved Friend Code implementation and connectivity options on the 3DS.

The studio didn’t stop with the mini-announcements and today leaked their involvement in a new, unnamed Kinect-enabled game for publisher 2K Games. Nofsinger said that it’s a licensed game and won’t purely be controlled by Kinect, so you don’t need one to play. Norsinger was quick to play down the idea that it could be that ‘killer-app’ for Kinect with all the potentially damaging hype that comes with such a claim. It’s probably best to not even think of it as a Kinect game and more like a Xbox 360 title with possible Kinect features: “This game works well with or without the Kinect. It’s supported as a device, so if you have the device it works very well, but I don’t think it’s this brilliant, genius idea,” he said. But he shouldn’t be too hard on whatever it could be just yet. Having a hands-free peripheral with the games it has is fine and a good laugh though a title that uses the device in more opportune moments, leaving traditional gameplay to be handled by a traditional controller would be a perfect balance of styles. These are purely my thoughts or wishes if you will and no further details were given at this time by Nofsinger. Again, GDC is when we’re likely to hear anymore. Intriguing though isn’t it?


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