Odyssey to the bargain bin

It’s bad news for anyone hoping for a sequel to Enslaved as Namco Bandai have announced the game hasn’t been able to sell more than 500,000 units (reports Eurogamer). Not just in one territory either, the game only sold around 460,000 worldwide which is tragic to say the least. But the evidence Enslaved was failing to perform became clear with the 50% price drop it received so soon after release. You’d have thought with all the decent review scores and it being reduced around Christmas time that sales would have spiked but sadly they did not.

What’s particularly disappointing is how a game with such impressive facial animations, emotionally engaging characters and storyline will almost disappear, banished with the kinds of titles that barely scratch the surface of what Enslaved offers. Ninja Theory’s Tameem Antoniades said a sequel was being considered as was the possibility to serialise the story which makes the poor sales even more frustrating for fans.

Though to put things into perspective, yes Enslaved was a beautiful action adventure that excelled in story telling and character development but in terms of gameplay, that was usually the last thing people spoke about. It was solid and held together well for the most part but nearly all criticisms of Enslaved, including my own, are about the it being a bit repetitive with an ending that was just, odd. However, there aren’t a huge list of games that don’t come with similar problems and for £20, Enslaved was and still is a great price. So can the finger of blame be pointed at us, the gamers? Some would argue the failure to support true innovation leaves the industry in a cycle of conventional experiences over real advances. Others would say if the actual game part was as good as the acting and graphics, there wouldn’t be a problem.


2 thoughts on “Odyssey to the bargain bin

  1. Well I will definitely pick this up now if I find it in a bargain bin or clearance rack. The problem for me is that there are just so many other games out there that I’d rather play.

    • You should do, the graphics, characters and story are worth it alone plus it’s a cool game. Playing it in between other games could help towards the feeling of repetitiveness too though we’re already in February and whole load of new triple A titles are coming out soon!

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