Super Mario gets a new dimension

As part of the on going coverage of Super Mario’s 25th Anniversary, Satoru Iwata chats with Shigeru Miyamoto in his aptly named feature ‘Iwata Asks‘ where the father of Mario confirmed his plans to make a 3D Super Mario Bros. for the 3DS. In the past, Miyamoto has stated how a Mario game is headed for the upcoming handheld though a Nintendo product without the chubby plumber would be like eating peanut butter without jam; crazy. There’s a reason why he reached his 25th anniversary. Mario games are continually reinvented with each platform from the physics of jumping to something even more dramatic like turning a traditionally 2D platformer into a 3D phenomenon. And the next game looks to once again bring something new to the Super Mario Bros. franchise with Miyamoto saying: “it’s important to always use the most advanced technology for Mario in order to create something no one has ever seen before.” We could be seeing what he has in mind fairly soon, “I want to show everyone as soon as possible what the new Super Mario Bros. will be like on the Nintendo 3DS,” he added.

Miyamoto specifically said Super Mario Bros. which have all maintained a two dimensional format so the likelihood is the new game will follow suit. It’ll be interesting to see just how Super Mario Bros. will transition into 3D yet stay within the boundaries of the side-scrolling platformer though the Paper Mario series merged both 2D and 3D with great success so that’s a possible route. But that wouldn’t necessarily be in keeping with Miyamoto’s philosophy of creating “something no one has ever seen before.” Since this is the first time we’re officially hearing about the game, don’t expect to see Super Mario Bros. 3D around the launch of the 3DS. A shame but the Wii didn’t get a Mario game until a year after its release and that was certainly worth the wait.


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