Heavenly rhythm

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In October last year, Nintendo announced they were making a Wii version of Rhythm Heaven, the simplistic DS music game with a lineage back to the GameBoy Advance where it was called Rhythm Tengoku. The move from using a button to stylus sent a wave of scepticism through fans though I found it to be one of the best DS and indeed best rhythm action games because of its simplicity and infectious score. Now Nintendo has a new battle on their hands convincing audiences that a further move to waggling the Wii remote will be just as responsive as buttons or stylus swipes. I don’t see why not since WarioWare worked fine on the Wii and that includes similar timed events. A trailer has surfaced showing some of the games and their movements which indicates a slashing and stabbing of the Wii remote as the control method. It looks pretty cool to me but then I’m already sold on the idea of Rhythm Heaven on the Wii, in fact any additional Rhythm Heaven regardless of format is a must buy in my books!


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