Site for sore eyes

We started the week with a second, rather lovely looking trailer for Rockstar’s L.A. Noire so it’s only fitting to end it with a peruse around the newly launched official website: After the age gate, read up about Detective Phelp’s partner in crime, or more accurately, partner in fighting crime, Coroner Carruthers. He works at the LA County morgue so you can bet he’ll be the man to go to when you’re stuck on a case. If you’re looking for something a little more gross, check out the Homicide section to see a few screenshots of a lady covered in ketchup… wait a minute… that’s not ketchup! It’ moider! (for the full effect, you need to be wiggling a comedy cigar while saying ‘moider’…) Remember, May 20th is when L.A. Noire hits Europe for Xbox 360 and PS3, taking us back to the golden age of Hollywood to hunt down a homicidal maniac. Ah, happy days!


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