Kirby goes beyond epic

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kirby is coming to the Wii, again! As well as Kirby’s Epic Yarn, fans of pink spheres will be treated a second time with another platformer that goes back to the basics of Kirby – sucking, stealing powers and insanely large swords. According to the official Japanese Nintendo site (via Nintendo Life)  the unnamed title, scheduled for a 2011, isn’t a sequel to Epic Yarn (sadly) but a new game altogether though the preview video shown above looks to have a few similarities to Kirby’s Adventure – the unreleased GameCube game. Given Nintendo’s penchant for rereleasing past gen games onto the Wii, it’s definitely a possibility that Kirby’s Adventure is being remade and since it never actually came out the first time, it’s definitely an awesome prospect! The team behind Super Smash Bros, HAL Laboratories are alleged to be developing the title.

Another Kirby game? What a treat, especially when his platforming home for a long time was confined to the DS. Those games were cool but a home console version is what a lot of Nintendo fans have been asking for. So when Kirby’s Epic Yarn was announced at last year’s E3, it was a pretty big deal – for me at least. Nintendo are masters of the franchise and it’s good to see another of their top series coming back with full force.


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