3DS eShop has an eBreak

UPDATE: Apparently now it seems the ability to download retro GameBoy games will be a feature from launch and the rest of the gubbins like 3D trailers are held back until May.

Contrary to earlier reports, the date for Nintendo’s eShop on the 3DS has been pushed back from a day one update to sometime in May. In a recent financial briefing, Satoru Iwata revealed the firmware patch is scheduled for nearly two months after the systems release and will be “almost the same time around the world.” What that means to early adopters is the lack of a web browser and an inability to transfer previously bought DSi software. But when the eShop is up and running it’ll offer not only those two features but GameBoy and GameBoy Colour games, trailers, demos and even 3D version of old games.

While the wait isn’t an ideal situation it’s not as if the missing functionality will be a deal breaker for anyone considering buying a 3DS, or at least shouldn’t be. Web browsing would be cool but so many platforms have it nowadays you could probably check emails on a toaster or something. The bit which does grate a little is a lack of retro handheld games with no eShop to download them. But if you’re the kind of person who’ll buy a 3DS to play Super Mario Land, ignoring all the other launch titles, you may want to consider hitting eBay for an original GameBoy instead. Saying that, I did quite fancy swapping out Street Fighter IV 3D for a bit of Kirby’s Dream Land action in March…


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