The affordability of next generation handhelds

The bells and whistles of the PSP2, sorry, NGP, where rung and er blown today but with an OLED screen and crazy-powerful processor, Sony’s absence of a price doesn’t mean it’ll be overly expensive. European head Andrew House told Eurogamer that the NGP is going to be “affordable.” He was reluctant to give even a ballpark figure but promised something appropriate for the handheld market. However House also revealed how Sony would preferably like to make a profit on early sales over a loss: “Ideally we would want to have our hardware be profitable, in addition to our software. We’ve experienced both sides and we know which one we like to be on!” Don’t fret, ideally and actuality are two very different things.

Affordability has risen in the last couple of generations but one things for sure, if the price of the 3DS proves successful, the NGP is likely to follow suit. And the original PSP retailed for $250/£180 which is relative to the 3DS (except here in the UK) so realistically, with technology as feature packed as the NGP, a similar price could be viewed as ‘affordable’. Seeing as Japan should be getting the system this WInter, the rest of the world will probably receive it a few months later. Plenty of time to save unless of course the year is full of awesome releases… Oh crap!


2 thoughts on “The affordability of next generation handhelds

  1. I am truly interested in finding out what the price point will be for the NGP. I don’t think it will do well if the price is $300 or above. Not because that price won’t be reasonable for what you get. More because you could purchase a PS3 for that same price. Most people will already have it in their heads that a handheld shouldn’t be more expensive than a home console. To me a $250 price point would be reasonable. I think it would be an interesting study to compare the sales of the NGP compared to the 3DS if the price points were identical on each release day.

    • Yeah definitely, I’ve told friends about the price of the 3DS and they’re less than impressed so going above that for the NGP would be either brave or foolish for Sony. The last thing they want to do is have another PSPgo on their hands or produce a stellar system that slowly loses support of third parties like the original PSP. I think the NGP could be brilliant but doubt I’d be able to get one if the price went any higher than the 3DS here in England (£220-230). I also wouldn’t call that affordable!

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