I wanna be anarchy

The next release from Platinum Games’ recently extended partnership with Sega is, drumroll please… Max Anarchy! Wait, what? Or rather who? Andriasang stumbled upon leaked scans of the latest Famitsu magazine containing sparse details about the new Xbox 360 and PS3 game. The lack of information was due to its discovery being part of an interview and not an official reveal. Sega or Platinum are yet to formally unveil the game. A game that enters new territory for the studio as it will be an online action combat multiplayer (what a mouthful), the first online game from Platinum. Instantly the mind begins to wonder well they’ll do since tackling a highly competitive genre is difficult even for veterans but Producer Atsushi Inaba feels they have something special; a massively multiplayer melee fighting action game. The word massively doesn’t necessarily mean MMO size either. Inaba said they’ll be a large number of players, not endless.

It’s unclear as to who or what Max Anarchy is but Inaba did say that MadWorld star Jack will be a playable character and that the game consists of a full offline story mode as well as the online shenanigans. Unlike MadWorld, Max Anarchy will be in colour not black, white and red but similar to the ultra violent Wii game, the core mechanic is fighting. Free-for-alls, group fights and cooperative combat were all mentioned by Inaba who believes that a massively multiplayer melee fighting action game doesn’t exist due to complications with online play but is approaching it as a challenge. Again the producer stressed how Max Anarchy will be a fighting game when asked to describe it so expect combos and multipliers aplenty.

Interesting that Inaba said the genre doesn’t exist yet. In 2005 Epic Games released Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict which merged melee combat with first person shooting with varying success. Some critics loved it whereas others found the fighting overpowered and underdeveloped but from Inaba’s cryptic comments, Max Anarchy sounds to be more like a multiplayer Streets of Rage or Yakuza as he didn’t mention anything about projectiles, only fighting. There’s something intriguing about a new genre like this and even more so if the combat is comparable to competitive fighters like Street Fighter or Tekken. I’m a little bummed at how the next Platinum game isn’t another Bayonetta but since the hirsute honey was rather nifty with her fists, maybe she’ll be joining Jack as a playable character… Maybe? Platinum Games are aiming for a end of 2011 release for Max Anarchy on Xbox 360 and PS3.


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