The dead space in iDevices

If you go down to the App Store today, you’re sure of a big surprise. A big mutated, scary-as-hell surprise. Dead Space has creeped its way onto iPhones today for £3.99 (or £5.99 on iPad), bridging the first and second console games and explaining why the hordes of Necromorphs have reappeared. Early reviews on the App Store say it’s every bit as freaky as the HD versions even with its 12+ age rating. Maybe the full voice acting and disturbing sound effects pumped directly into your ears via headphones – a method recommended by EA – is chilling enough. Exploring the mines of Titan is your mission and dual-thumb tapping and swiping controls Vandal who takes Isaac’s place in this game. This isn’t an on-rails shooter, it’s a full blown adventure complete with upgradable weapons and skills plus the ability to unlock content in Dead Space 2 for the Xbox 360, PC or PS3. I have to admit, games like this disturb me more than I’m happy to say but it’s only four quid so if my playtime is consists of frequent underwear changes, at least my wallet hasn’t been abused even if I have. But there’s no point playing a game like this in the middle of the afternoon, it must be savoured in the dark with the only light source being a haunting glow from my iPhone… Oh man… I’m beginning to have second thoughts!


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