Bulletstorm demo in Crysis on XBL

A couple of demos have showed up on Xbox Live, one of them expected, the other I had no idea about. So imagine the gleeful surprise when I checked Xbox.com a few minutes ago and found not only the Bulletstorm demo but an 360-exclusive Crysis 2 multiplayer beta. Expect to a bit of a wait and almost 3GB of space disappear off your HDD however but neither games run on engines that scrimp on graphics. But hey, I can live with that for gorgeous visuals. The write up for Crysis 2 states “The next big leap in multiplayer gives you nearly unlimited ways to approach the dynamic combat environment,” or in other words, “bye bye social life, hello frag-fest.”

For Bulletstorm, you’ll play through the Collapsed Building level in Echo mode, comparing your scores and skillshots to those on your friends list. In order to nab those all important rights to brag among friends, kill the enemy as creatively as you can. I’m up for that! Though it’ll sadly not be for a good few hours yet. The demo comes to the PlayStation 3 tomorrow.

Add the Bulletstorm demo to your download queue from here or the Crysis 2 beta here.


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