There is no spoon, is there? [UPDATE]

UPDATE: You’d best disregard a lot of the article below because Mr Reeves has been seemingly telling porkies so says EW. They have supposedly been told by a rep of Reeves that “None of it is true.” But if it is false, why does EW sound so happy with debunking the story from Aint it Cool News? Friendly rivalry? Or something else? Hmm… Either way, believe what you will because for all we know, there are two new films being made. Or possibly not.

ORIGINAL (POSSIBLY FALSE) STORY: Some people would defiantly argue that The Matrix truly ended with the final moments of the first movie, shunning the second two films. Well it appears the Wachowski brothers weren’t finished telling their story just yet as a fourth and fifth movie have all but been confirmed by Keanu Reeves (via Aint it Cool News). While promoting his latest flick, the star spoke of how the brothers had written a two-feature script and that he was to return as the one known as Neo. Yeah I know, Neo seemed down and out at the end of The Matrix Revolutions but the Oracle did tell the little girl they’re likely to see him again. And this time he along with the rest of the Matrix could receive a 3D treatment as the Wachowskis have apparently  been speaking with James Cameron about using his much loved technology.

What’s that got to do video games? Potentially quite a bit. The Matrix movies have fairly influential to the world of gaming from it’s overall story to the often copied bullet-time segments. Reeves said, or rather promised the Wachowskis will revolutionise the action genre much like they did with the first film. If this is true, a new well of influential moments could be available for game designers and writers to dip into with future titles. The franchise itself has tried to break into gaming with mixed success. A couple of console games plus a MMO failed to win over many fans though the latter did have a decent cult following until its servers were terminated in August 2009. You can bet with two more Matrix movies will come at least two more games but if history is anything to go by, it’ll likely be those influenced by the films being more successful at replicating their ideas.


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