I’m you, I’m your (HD) shadow

Call it rumours, speculation or Chinese whispers but according to the Official PlayStation Magazine, a HD remake of the PS1 and 2 Metal Gear Solid games are on the way. Insiders are alleged to have discovered the news and that the superb trilogy is “in the facelift queue.” But that’s all the information given at this time, no mention of how it would be distributed or price though a remake isn’t out of the realms of possibility. An ‘essential collection’ is already available in the US featuring all three latter-gen versions with MGS 2 and 3 being the director’s cut. Buffing these all up to HD quality would cost Konami time and money but doubtfully less than what it bring in. The early Snake trilogy has always been a highly coveted franchise and one that is on the growing list of ‘must play video games’. Recently I went back to MGS 2 and even with the upscaling of the PS3 it still looked fantastic so a full HD version would be something I’d definitely pick up. Am I part of the problem? Maybe. Do I care? Nope!


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