Duke Nukem isn’t forever after all

Write the date in your diaries but do it with a pencil; Duke Nukem Forever has been given a release date of May 3rd in North America and 6th in Europe (via Gamespot). Gearbox obviously believes this is an achievable timescale as they must be aware of how DNF has become somewhat of a joke amongst gamers. Not because of the content but for 13 years, vague and sometimes solid release dates for the game have come and gone so the developer wouldn’t want to add their date to that list. Duke Nukem Forever has to have a flawless release in order to silence the critics and the promised pre-release demo should help towards that – a demo that was playable at PAX last year receiving a decent amount of favourable previews.

There you go, Duke Nukem Forever has had one hell of a development cycle but the recent changing of hands from 3D Realms to Gearbox appears to have given the game the boost it needs for completion. Well, we hope anyway, like I say, I’ll be pencilling in May 6th rather than committing to ink.


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