My pet zombie

Zombies are can be many things from an irrational fear to a staple Halloween costume but usually in the world of video games, they’re a lumbering target. But now the loveable living dead are shuffling into the pet sim genre and in three dimensions too. A possibly adult alternative to Nintendogs + Cats, Pet Zombies is said to be coming later in the year for the 3DS giving players the chance to raise and look after their very own zombie. Customisable deformations and clothing will be available in 3D environments and of course, brains are on the undead’s menu. If you ever wanted to abuse a zombie, then you’re probably a bit twisted but your disturbed fantasy will be satisfied in Pet Zombies as the pets can be mischievously tormented, according to publisher Majesco (via 1up).

The art style of Pet Zombies will really determine who exactly the game is for and if it is to be a serious alternative to the family-focused pet sim or a re-skin of a popular genre. Though the addition of zombies to a farming sim called Zombie Farm for the iPhone made that a lot more interesting to me so you never know, Pet Zombies could be the start of something cool.


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