Gloomy fodder

Over 16 years since the last game in the series was released, Cannon Fodder 3 has been announced by Russian developer GFI with a rather sheepish Codemasters clinging onto the press release. Why? Perhaps it’s because they’ve merely licensed the game out to GFI and aren’t actually dealing with it themselves resulting in Cannon Fodder 3 only being available in Russia and the CIS. Bummer huh? In a statement this morning (via VG247), a rep said “In 2008 Codemasters licensed the Cannon Fodder IP to GFI ( for a one-title project. Under the agreement, GFI is designing and developing a new game based on the series for release in Russia and the CIS territories. Codemasters understands that GFI’s plans for distribution and release outside of Russia and the CIS have yet to be announced.”

A worldwide release would sell like hot cakes, especially when you factor in its PC and Xbox 360 exclusivity. Such a title is perfect for the PC (as was the originals) with the style and quirkiness suited for Xbox Live Arcade. GFI put out a statement detailing the kind of things we’ll be missing:

“You have a small army which consists of only “cannon fodder” soldiers, who are ready to rush into fight with the enemy, sparing neither effort nor oneself. The player will have to pass several episodes full of cartoon violence among different locations, and the Earth is not the limit – it’s time to go into open space and show the enemy “who’s daddy”. You’ll get classic isometric environment in full 3D, weather effects, change of time, destructible environment, physical water – all this and a lot more you’ll find in Cannon Fodder 3.”

The original game was a darling of the 90’s gaming era spanning multiple platforms with a unique element not seen a video game; the remembrance of fallen soldiers. On missions, if any of your troops were killed in action – and a lot of them were – the level would end with a roll call of all who lost their lives for a disturbingly kitsch approach to military casualties. An ironic addition when you think how jovial the deaths were treated on the battlefield and the whole mood of game for that matter. Still, a cute and interesting inclusion if not anything else. The game’s creator, John Hare, was known to be trying to bring Cannon Fodder to iOS devices (despite a clone called Grunts already existing) but little more has come of that. Fingers crossed the plans for distribution outside Russia which Codemasters speak of isn’t far behind the initial release.


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