If your mum doesn’t hate games, she will do soon.

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Do you play games as a form or relaxation, way of escaping the mundane goings on of real life or because it’ll upset your parents? If it’s the latter, EA have constructed a whole ad campaign (via Joystiq) around Dead Space 2 and how mums, or moms as its an American ad, will hate it. A group of mature ladies, presumably all mothers, were herded one by one into a room and shown DS2 much to their disgust leaving them visibly shaken and distraught from the footage. One of the ladies states that “it’s an atrocity” followed by a gravelly voiced man adding “it’s revolting, it’s violent. It’s everything you love in a game. Your mom’s going to hate it.” Admittedly it did provoke a chuckle but a little bizarre when you think of the age who Dead Space 2 is for. It’s rated M in the States and 18 over here so the youngest age meant to be playing the game is 17. Would a 17 year old be that bothered whether his or her mother approves of their gaming habits other than not believing in one-sided so called journalism that is hungry to chastise the industry? If so they’re probably playing the game for the wrong reasons.

But I wouldn’t say the ad is in any way harmful to DS2 and putting anal criticisms aside, is just a bit of a laugh really. I see and hear plenty of parents talking about the ‘vile’ games they buy their offspring but, thankfully for the cashless youths, still buy them anyway. And as long as they’re over the age limit, no harm no foul right? I’m (sadly) old enough to remember when games didn’t even have a rating system but then the worst thing you could see was a Imp being chainsawed in Doom. No creepy baby-things or vibrating freaks to dismember with a nail gun oh no!


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