Try before they die

Hey jerk face, get a load of my piece of meat… ahem… sorry, just getting ready for People Can Fly’s Bulletstorm which comes out at the end of next month but is to be teased to gamers in a week or so. EA has today announced a demo of the gritty, foul-mouthed shooter available via PSN and XBL on January 25th featuring unlockable upgrades for the full game. The demo offers a taste of the Echo mode that constantly compares your kill scores with those of players on your friends list making an already competitive action game all the more sporting. Lionhead’s Fable III had a similar system that tallied your in-game achievements with friends’ and fast became a crafty way at keeping me playing for longer than originally intended. In Bulletstorm, there’s the skillshot system with increasingly creative ways of killing enemies to discover so expect plenty of group discussions and forum posts about how to pull off that ultimate kill. Ah, nothing like the artful demise of a grotesque mutant to bring people together eh?


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