Dream a little dream

Sega have officially announced a collection of Dreamcast games exclusively for the Xbox 360 and PC coming February 25th but the word ‘collection’ is really quite misleading. It’s less of a collection and more of a gabble of those already available via XBLA given little more than a disc-based release. I don’t want to sound harsh because Sonic Adventure, Crazi Taxi, Space Channel 5 Part 2 and Sega Bass Fishing are all pretty decent titles with a certain amount of significance to gaming but really? The Dreamcast had wealth of brilliant games that made its demise all the more saddening and when rumours of a collection such as this was first hinted at, there was a mini-furry of excitement at these games getting the HD treatment. Imagine a high definition Jet Set Radio or, my favourite, Shenmue. And what about Daytona USA, Grandia II, Power Stone? Googling ‘best Dreamcast games’ will throw up more than four so it’s an odd decision for Sega not to include any of those. Unless of course there’s to be another collection down the line but then we’ll probably see them appear via a downloadable service before hand too. Again, this isn’t bitterness but sadness at my hopes of a Dreamcast revival being dashed once more. I loved that little grey box!


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