Devil may slide. And tap.

I didn’t expect to see a game like Devil May Cry on the iPhone but here we are, the start of a new year and beginning of no doubt a few more shocking announcements. Franchise purists are probably less critical about Capcom’s choice of platform over their choice of game with Devil May Cry 4 Refrain being an adaptation of the series least favoured title. It sold well enough and played pretty cool but the first three DMCs are where the happiest gaming memories reside. Nevertheless, the 3D action game is coming later this month for an undetermined price (£3.99/$6.99 is rumoured) containing 10 levels for protagonist Nero to slash his way through with Dante being added at a later date via a patch.

It’s hard to imagine how a game with the mechanics of Devil May Cry would work successfully on the iPhone with its buttonless control scheme. Capcom did state that the handling has been simplified to account for the port but I always found the series to be quite mashy at the best of times so streamlining the combos could make it even more so. But this is a handheld game after all and Capcom are good at squeezing the most out of their franchises onto Apple platforms so it could instead work to their favour. Check out Slide To Play‘s hands-on video after the break and see what you make of all the action.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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