Screen Raider

Continuing with their exclusives of all things Tomb Raider, Game Informer bagged themselves various screenshots, renders and concept art for the ninth game in the illustrious series. It’s hard to tell between the renders and actual screenshots as they all look pretty damn good and show a new level of morbidity that I’ve not noticed in the previous games. Human sacrifices strung up in front of bizarre alters isn’t the usual imagery I’d expect for the franchise that has always had at least one boot firmly placed in the realms of whimsy. Even in death, Lara’s writhing and moaning had a certain comedic value to it but the pained expression of Ms Croft seen in the screenshot above is nothing but serious. Dark days are ahead for the original raider of tombs, I just hope the reboot can live up to the gargantuan amount of hype it is receiving.

For the full gallery over at Game Informer’s site, click here.


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