Say goodbye to the Cerberus Network, say hello to more DLC

BioWare’s Cerberus Network found in Mass Effect 2 is to cease all but a few communications after January 24th “finishing its run of one full year”. The news was announced by the network itself (via NeoGaf) and with it came news of another downloadable content pack. Those over at Cerberus Daily News revealed that as of January 24th, only three weeks of updates will appear over the newsfeed, one about the new DLC and two leading up to the release of Mass Effect 3 (can’t wait!).

I always thought that the brilliant Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC was to be ME2‘s last pack as it made efforts to bridge the second game to its upcoming successor but I’d imagine that now the basic premise of ME3 was announced at the VGAs (that being how Shepard must stop the Reapers destruction of Earth) this gives BioWare more freedom as to what they can say and reveal in the new DLC.

But the question still remains as to how the all-but termination of Cerberus Daily News will effect the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2. Since all the previous DLC packs are available on the disc, there’s no need to promote or allow access to them via the network but the daily updates informing gamers of real-world and fictional goings on in the Mass Effect universe will be a shame to see go. Thankfully, for those keen on expanding the lore, a website recording every post was set up back when the network went live so know one need miss out on the almost 365 days worth of content.


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