From developing to dealing

Kairosoft’s Game Dev Story was a big hit last year for the iPhone as players sunk many hours into developing their ultimate fictional game. A simplistic approach to game development made what many find long and stressful into something twee and fun. While the sequel is said to be porting over to the West soon, a more natural progression for a title about making games is one about selling them. Kairosoft is way ahead of those ideas and released Waiwai: The Game Dealer onto the Japanese App Store (via Touch Arcade), treating the cut-throat video game retailer world with the same kind of fanciful notions as it did for the development side. Instead of a studio head, Waiwai has you in charge of a game store dealing with stock levels and the likes. An inclusion of some form of E3 is probable since real-world retailers plan strategies around this event and what would be even more mind-blowing than the idea that a game about stock taking is something to look forward to is if the game could use data from Game Dev Story for its titles. I appreciate I’m now in my own little dreamworld what with the iOS port of GDS based on a game nearly 15 years old but think about it, you make a top selling, highly revered game in GDS then a few clicks and swipes on your iPhone later you’re in Waiwai, ready for a shipment of the same game. Oh how crazy a world that would be! Back to reality now and despite no official word of a English version of Waiwai: The Game Dealer, the huge success of Game Dev Story almost cements a future release.


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