The best games of 2010: Limbo

PlayDead Games didn’t just make a brilliant puzzler, they made an artistic masterpiece. Yeah, I know, the whole ‘games are art’ debate again but seriously, just look at Limbo and play the disturbed whimsy inside. A lot of love went into this game and is proven by its endearing art-style. Like a creepy shadow puppet theatre, Limbo relies on subtle contrasts of black and white creating a frightening world, thick with atmosphere and haunting audio. Not a word spoken or phrase read yet the game has a lot to say and features hints of a story that lets players come up with their own interpretation. And whereas continuous auto-saves feel like a cheat for other games, the structure of Limbo revolves around it, urging you to try every option and worry not about death. The flow between the challenging puzzles and the journey you take is seamless and addictive, never once becoming stale or forced. One of the XBLA greats for sure.


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