The best games of 2010: Halo: Reach

Wow, what an ending. I’m not talking about what happens before the credit role, though that part is particularly good, I mean after the mass of names flood the screen. As video games go, it’s one of the finest. As for the combat leading up to such an intelligent finale, Bungie have spent years perfecting the first person shooter genre and made their best game with Halo: Reach. Firefights aren’t so heavily scripted that they break any sense of immersion but rather treat the player with some degree of dignity, opening up the playing field to allow for multiple paths and skill sets. And isn’t it nice to have enemies that actually react to you, running for cover when shot at or mocking your existence if they’re doing the killing? Numerous multiplayer modes help keep the game firmly in the disc trays of Xbox 360’s all over and a loyal group of players help keep this online space a fun place to visit. Yep, Halo: Reach is like all the other Halo‘s before it only better looking and grander gameplay. Is that such a bad thing? No, it’s a great thing.


4 thoughts on “The best games of 2010: Halo: Reach

  1. I really don’t think Halo can compare with something as massive as the Call of Duty franchise. Quite honestly, CoD makes Halo look like Tom Clancy’s work. His lesser works.

    • I agree, the CoD franchise is the unstoppable powerhouse of this generation but feel that Halo: Reach had a better story, better firefights that weren’t just one scripted sequence after another and better characters too. Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 were both brilliant titles that have a commendable place in gaming but don’t think they even come close to tarnishing the quality of Halo.

  2. Yeah. I will easily admit to Halos campaign being much better than COD’s. But honestly, I buy the game for multiplayer, not campaign. And the COD multiplayer just seems smoother than Halo’s.

    • Okay, I’d agree with you there! But have been lured over to Medal of Honor and Battlefield 2 recently with their online multiplayer. The slower pace is perfect for my dodgy reactions! 😉

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