The best games of 2010: Bayonetta

Shinji Mikami is mental. His studio is mental and their ideas are mental. Out of this dribbling mess of fully grown adults came Bayonetta, a superb action hack and slash that is often mistaken for a lesser game. The cast of eccentric vagabonds are as loveable as they are cheesy and the empowering female leads do have their feminine assets exploited from time to time but are by far the dominant sex. Bayonetta is as deep as you want it to be with a fun story that can be explored further thanks to the many collectables scattered throughout the gorgeous world. And the fighting mechanics are just as absorbing. Treat this game like a button masher and you’re bound to lose but learn the many techniques and subtle timing it takes to pull off those devastating attacks and Bayonetta will definitely shine for you. The idea of strapping guns to the high heels of Ms B is one of the ways it differs itself from other action games of this ilk. Even more options are available for combat and the tempo of fights can change with one deadly rotation of a bullet-spitting stiletto. Musically, Bayonetta loses a few points for the over-use of a j-pop answer to ‘fly me to the moon’ but the voice acting and sound effects make up for a repetitive soundtrack. There’s a constant stream of crazy poured over anyone who plays Bayonetta and if the reason you’re into gaming is to simply have fun, then play this game.


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