Halo: Combat Devolved

The greatest form of flattery for this generation of video games is to have an 8-Bit de-make created, summarising all those months of hard work in a gloriously retro fashion. The chap behind such gems as Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead and Pixel Force: DJ Hero, Eric Ruth has turned his talents towards making an 8-Bit Halo: Combat Evolved merging the most influential console FPS with graphics from the saviour of console gaming, the NES. A side-scrolling shooter is how the FPS translated into the world of retro but there are also top-down mission involving a Warthog and some circular bullets. How utterly darling! Check out the trailer after the break.

Hopefully, Microsoft will keep a somewhat cooler head about the game and appreciate it for what its worth instead of following Universal Music’s humourless approach. They ordered Ruth to remove his version of DJ Hero despite the creator distributing it for free without any profits being made or suggestion that the songs used were his own, crediting all the artists and groups. However Pixel Force: DJ Hero is continuing its life amongst the file sharers and Bit Torrent users alongside ripped versions of the songs that Universal were trying to protect. Not exactly the victory they were trying to achieve.

Is Pixel Force: Halo a cause for Microsoft’s concern? I don’t think so. But Ruth’s suggestions for what gamers do to Cortana may be…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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