Bulletstorm goes all epic

Another game, another collector’s edition but with Bulletstorm, the bonuses go beyond art books and early DLC. EA announced that the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm, named in homage to Mark Rein’s bunch of merry folk, will contain a code to guarantee entry in the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta. If that isn’t enough, you’re just being greedy but fear not, the fancified version also comes with 25K experience points, visual upgrades for your leash and a Peace Maker Carbine complete with boots and armour.

Revealed back when GoW3 was given its five month delay, the multiplayer beta hasn’t had a great deal said about it but a preview video is doing the rounds on YouTube. And follows an ever increasing trend to bundle in beta codes for related franchises. Medal of Honor did it giving away access to Battlefield 3 but the most famous and often ridiculed example is how the first Crackdown offered a chance to play Halo 3 multiplayer before your friends. Whereas the linkage between an open-world crime fighter and intergalactic super soldier is a tad tenuous, the relationship between Bulletstorm and Gears 3 is a lot more coherent. Epic Games are working with People Can Fly to deliver the over-the-top FPS and the high levels of testosterone seen in the game so far match those found in the Gears of War franchise giving a greater probability of a crossover of fans.

No announcement of a European price has been given just yet but the US are getting their Epic Editions for the standard $59.99 so you can expect to see it retail for around £40 over here when it’s released on February 25th. Another plus for the upgraded version of a game when some publishers slap on an extra 20 quid and offer little in equivalent value to playing a new game early. Add Bulletstorm to cart? Yes please.


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