You’ve got to fight for this love

Still it continues, the debate as to whether BioWare have crapped-up their high fantasy RPG series with its sequel. News of Dragon Age 2‘s difference in story telling, combat and character focus has sent ripples of discontent through forums since the announcement in July. A few videos and interviews have been given discussing the changes and now it’s up to Mike Laidlaw, lead designer of DA2 to walk us through a combat segment in multiple ways showing the diversity on offer to players of the PC version. Laidlaw battles the same scene twice, first treating the game as an action RPG and then with a traditional strategic approach. I’m no expert of the franchise or anything but I couldn’t see a drastic difference from the first game. The animations appear a faster but that’s about all I could fathom from the video (found after the jump).

So in that respect, there’s nothing to fear right? If the combat is structured the similarly to Dragon Age: Origins then there should be no concern as to whether the PC experience will be negatively effected by the decision to make console versions better suited to a controller-based platform. That was one of the sticking points which caused an upset earlier this year because at first gamers wondered if strategy was being replaced with hack and slashing. Clearly it hasn’t been. But is it still too soon to breath that sigh of relief? Not for me though I think a few more walkthroughs are needed before the hardcore fan base are satisfied. And I’m sure they’re on the way soon.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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