Staring realitiy in the face

In 2008, Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto IV that had some great video game character acting for its time. The two add-ons which followed bettered the theatrics and this year’s Red Dead Redemption had some superb moments of drama thanks to the dangerously debonair John Marstan. As good as they were, all four pale in comparison to L.A. Noire and we’ve only seen a snippet of that. Today Rockstar gave a little more with a video (after the break) showing a behind the scenes look at capturing the real actors performances and my God does it look good. Little is known about the content of L.A. Noire other than its basis on 1950s crime fiction and the lead character’s role as a detective. A role that players will replicate by hunting out clues and reading the faces of suspects, done so with the aid of the brilliant facial work.

It’s crazy to think how far games have come in a relatively short time. The last generation couldn’t even come close to offering this level of realism in video game acting even with Sony’s Emotion Engine. A chip that did all of the PS2’s processing and was so called because of its alleged ability to give characters feeling. But now every little detail an actor or actress delivers can be captured by the many camera’s surrounding them. Check out around two minutes in the video to see what I mean. It goes beyond what Ninja Theory achieved in Enslaved and the great work done by Sam Douglas as Scott Shelby in Heavy Rain and shows a great future for story telling in video games.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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