Christmas and canines come to Fable III

It’s no secret that Fable III had one or two issues. Starting like a dream and ending with a whimper, the one constant feature throughout the game was its dog. Not as much of a star as your faithful companion in the second game but still a loveable addition. If you’re still playing Lionhead’s third romp through Albion and find the choice of canines a tad tiresome, the Dog Breed Pack DLC could offer a helping hand. Or is that paw? No, that’s a terrible pun… Anyway, the add-on costing 240 MS Points (£2.06/€2.88/$3) turns that pooch into either a Doberman, Poodle or German Shepard. I don’t imagine this being a hugely popular download nor do I think anyone would ever use the Poodle for anything other than comically ironic purposes but the Doberman looks menacingly cool.

For the game’s King or Queen, a free Santa hat is available now to spread a bit of Christmas cheer to your citizens. Though it would need a hell of a lot of cheer to bring smiles back to my loyal subjects. They hate me! That’s what I get for being the good guy huh?


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