Ghost Trick haunts the App Store

Shu Takumi’s lawyer sim, Ace Attorney, made the leap from Nintendo DS to iDevices earlier in the year and now, not even a year old, Takumi’s next game is following suit. Tomorrow sees Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective manifest onto the App Store in Japan for 1500 yen as a complete package or three separate chapters costing 600 yen each (via 1up). Like Ace Attorney, the haunt-em-up is a straight port of the DS version which is yet to be released in the US and UK. The few criticisms Ace received received was down to such an exact replica from Nintendo’s handheld and the difference in how you interact with each so Ghost Trick may suffer a similar fate – though one that is so very trivial.

But the release of Ghost Trick (a game about a deceased detective inhabiting objects to save the lives and figure out his own killer) onto the iPhone may be more significant than it initially appears. Lifetime total sales since its launch in June this year are less than 100,000 units which could be why Capcom are porting it over so soon. And if the game performs better on iOS systems, that could force the publisher to re-evaluate their upcoming titles and strategies. I doubt they’d ignore Nintendo’s juggernaut of portable play anytime soon but we’re talking business and if it makes more financial sense to produce a game for iPhone before other platforms, that could be a very interesting choice for Capcom to make.


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