Del Toro has an insane development schedule

Genius filmmaker and fellow bearded chap, Guillermo Del Toro revealed the name of his upcoming horror game inSANE last Saturday at the Spike VGAs and today, Danny Bilson of THQ said the franchise will take between eight and ten years to develop. The vice president of core games spoke to (via CVG) about inSANE and how the recently announced trilogy would need a generous amount of time to build: “This is an epic project. It’s going to take the next eight to 10 years to build all three chapters of this game,” See? Epic. Working with Del Toro for the alleged decade is Red Faction developer Volition who have already begun production and from the trailer we know they won’t be done until 2013.

The timescale suggested by Bilson really isn’t that bad and I’m confused as to the apologetic responses. Del Toro said: “I think that what people need to understand, when you come from a medium like movies, is that the narrative medium of video games is entirely different. The rules are different, the way you tell the story is different. You don’t come into this world and try to apply the same rules. I’m here to learn and try some crazy sh*t”. An average amount of time for a game is around 18 months to two years. A trilogy of games over ten years would mean a three year development cycle, only slightly more than normal. While gamers aren’t the most patient bunch it’s better to get the game right then release it before its ready, I mean, its no Alan Wake or Gran Turismo 5. Both took roughly five years to make and though I can’t personally comment on GT5, I know that Alan Wake had a couple of issues denting an otherwise great game. If Del Toro and Volition can produce three games in ten years, I’d say that’s just shy of a result.


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