Sega goes platinum with a new game

Sega’s partnership with Platinum Games spawned two wonderful games loved by gamers and critics alike and two decent titles that helped reign in the cash. After the four horsemen galloped into stores (yay, metaphors!) that was mean to be the end of the deal but today, Sega announced an extension to their business pairing with at least one new game in development. If Hideki Kamiya tweets something about Bayonetta 2 again I wouldn’t be surprised. Out of the first game, Vanquish, Mad World for Wii and Infinite Space for DS, Bayonetta was the most successful game from the partnership so a sequel is a strong possibility. With the story being left slightly ajar and the hack ‘n’ slash gameplay refreshingly dissimilar to other mashers thanks to the gun shoes, another game would be pretty cool. The news comes from an interview in Game Informer (via IGN) with Alan Pritchard, executive vice president of sales & marketing at Sega of America, who also confirmed that Gearbox is still very much involved with Aliens: Colonial Marines, a game that was once thought to be canceled. But with the state of recent Aliens games, I’d have to say that I’m more interested to see what Platinum Games produces over a new xenomorph shooter. Then again, Gearbox do have the talent to make something special. I mean, they’re rescuing Duke Nukem Forever and could save the Aliens video game initiative too.


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