XBLA quakes this Wednesday

Coming this Wednesday to Xbox Live Arcade is the golden boy of online shooters past, Quake Arena Arcade which you may know as Quake III Arena. But after around ten years of fragging and porting, Bethesda have chosen to drop the III and opt for a more suitable name for the online marketplace. My first exposure to one of the best console versions of a PC champion was on the Dreamcast back when Sega still held their own platform and was my introduction into the harsh world of online play. And one of the only reasons to buy the official Dreamcast keyboard and mouse giving an even more authentic feeling to gameplay. It’s weird to think that for a lot of gamers (ones wise enough not to buy the keyboard and mouse…) the single-analogue controller of the Dreamcast was a decent way to play Quake III Arena whereas now, two analogue sticks are considered a must for FPS console games.

There’s still a fairly decent PC community playing the ten year old shooter but of course a browser-only version has also made a name for itself within eager fragger circles, Quake Live. The XBLA game looks to include a lot or possibly all the same features of six game types like Deathmatch, capture the flag etc but adds in 12 Xbox exclusive maps on top of the 30 classic ones to choose from. And for offline shooting fans a brand new single player campaign has been included for good measure. HD graphics and widescreen support are as standard though no price has been announced yet leaving me to speculate either 800 MS Points or 1200.

Quake III Arena appears to have touched almost every possible system, both officially and emulated. Hackers and modders have ported the game for the original Xbox, PSP, iPhone and Symbian phones. It seems to be one of the go-to games to get running on a platform and hopefully means that an official XBLA version will get just as much love as all the dodgy ones.


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