Test your might in April with Mortal Kombat

Warner Bros. has announced today (via Joystiq) that the rebooted Mortal Kombat game will be spearing fools and freezing foes in April 2011 and comes in three different forms. Aside from the bonus playable Kratos in every PS3 version of the game, the standard edition is pretty self explanatory but the collector’s, sorry, Kollector’s Edition is where it starts to get interesting. A Sub-Zero and Scorpion figurine to play with and pretend they’re only on your shelf because they look cool, art book and DLC featuring ‘klassic’ costumes and skins for in-game fighters and ones for your avatar too. The limited Tournament Edition will comes with all that plus a portable fight stick, whatever that is. As is the norm with most games, retailer-specific pre-order goodies are another incentive for you to part with your cash early and while any information regarding UK-based stores is yet to be announced, GameStop in the US gets a classic Scorpion skin and his original fatality, Best Buy snags Sub-Zero and his death move and Amazon customers have the pleasure of Reptile’s traditional garb and fatality. It’s not clear whether these are the same as in the Kollector’s Edition or not though I do hope so. Retro clothing and finishers may not add anything to the gameplay but since the whole idea of this reboot is to feed gamers’ hunger for a nostalgic Mortal Kombat experience, so their inclusion is part of the fun. I’m sure they’d come out eventually via DLC though and I perhaps I’m just being greedy.

On a more important note, who, if at all, will be the Xbox 360 exclusive character? Sony and the PS3 has the epitome of teenage angst, God of War‘s Kratos so a retaliatory inclusion of a Microsoft specific character is surely on the cards. But who? Master Chief is the obvious but also awkward choice. Purely because he isn’t a fighter in the traditional sense but favours guns and grenades over fists and feet. How about Marcus Phoenix from Gears of War? Again, more of a gun-toting kinda guy but a better fit with the atypical characters of Mortal Kombat. And his chest-slapping persona would work quite well after a curb-stomping fatality. The other option is to have a third-party character who may not be 360 specific but becomes the platforms representative for one game. Like Spawn in Soul Caliber II on the original Xbox. That or have Alan Wake appear as a result of his dream-world become reality in another realm. I’d quite like to see him use a torch against Scorpion.


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