Respect your Elders

Amongst the glitz, glam and plethora of advert breaks in the 2010 Spike VGAs came the pleasurably shocking announcement of a new Elder Scrolls game, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Whereas the story may follow on from Oblivion, community manager Nick Brecon claims (via NowGamer) that game engine won’t: “We can now confirm that the TES V: Skyrim engine is all-new. And it looks fantastic,” he posted on Twitter adding that it was internally built with more news coming “down the road”. Bethesda has used the same engine, Gamebryo, for its last three games although it has been heavily modified within that time. But modified or not, the cracks that may have been superficial in Oblivion soon turned to gapping great holes in Fallout: New Vegas which chugged and froze more times than gamers would like. The company is notorious for making fantastic story-driven games on engines that don’t quite live up to the brilliance of the world it creates. If we are to receive a brand new engine and not another drastically modified Gamebryo one, the hype surrounding Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim could increase exponentially. But to be honest, I would rather play another Elder Scrolls game on the ‘old’ engine than no Elder Scrolls at all. Just don’t tell them that!


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