Girls of gaming get deviant

Mad Spike is a man on a mission. One that seems to involve systematically turning his favourite video game heroines into semi-real objects of desire by Photoshopping their heads and defining features onto naked female bodies. But this isn’t some crude cut ‘n’ paste job of an ‘over enthusiastic’ teenager, the models he creates on his deviantART page (via Kotaku) are incredibly well done. Especially his Mass Effect range including Liara in her blue birthday suit and Miranda wearing little more than some high heels. And Bayonetta’s once cover-all hair doesn’t quite cover all. The nudity isn’t a reason to applaud his efforts though since naked fan art is nothing new but the attention to detail and artistic poses Mad Spike arranges the characters in is. Check out the hard-as-nails Jack looking fragile and helpless in her scene, one that’s more tasteful than titillating. Some of the images do seem to only exist for lewd purposes like his take on a flashing Lara Croft or Faith from Mirror’s Edge looking a tad, um, chilly. But look beyond that, if you can, and do make sure you’re of an appropriate age please. Oh and there’s dude characters on there too. Like you really care.


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