Virtually Lara

Big news for Tomb Raider fans yesterday was the confirmation of the rumoured prequel from Game Informer. And as avid readers scoured the pages for slithers of information, one of the smartest decisions the series has ever made was revealed. As well as Tomb Raider‘s gameplay being rebooted, the game’s marketing will also receive a dramatic overhaul. Over its 15 year lifespan, a real-life model who (vaguely) looked like Ms Croft has always been used to promote the game but this time around it seems the outdated ploy to get lips moving has been ditched. Thank God! With no disrespect to the many Lara-a-likes but far too much time was spent promoting them dressed as the iconic heroine rather than the game itself. It became particularly noticeable with the HD generation titles and did little to help them shift copies. Hopefully it’ll mean that the next Tomb Raider will be given a lot more attention now that the use of models is no longer needed. Bravo Square Enix.

The information was harvested from Game Informer by NeoGAF posters who also revealed that Lara Croft won’t be as young as you think. The game sees her as a 21 year old whose once unweathered appearance will become adversely effected by mistakes and damage. A nice touch. Gone is the auto-locking too with Crystal Dynamics claiming Tomb Raider‘s gunplay will be competent enough to stand up to any other shooter. The idea of it being open-world is pretty much a done deal as Lara will have base camps to upgrade her skills and combine her scavenged items to form bigger and better things. Don’t worry about load times between all these camps either as CD promises an island free of loading screens.

You know, the more I hear about this new Tomb Raider the more interested I become. I was never a huge fan but enjoyed them enough to want the franchise to succeed. 15 years is a long old time for any series so the dramatic shift in style may just help it survive another decade or two.


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