Shenmue get belated birthday surprise

About a month ago, one of my favourite franchises had its ten year anniversary but since Shenmue didn’t win over enough gamers, on either Dreamcast or Xbox, to keep the series afloat, the birthday went unnoticed. Now that Shenmue Town is getting a lot of attention, felt a celebration of Yu Suzuki’s brilliantly ambitious games was justified. Everyday this week, the site will reveal information about all things Shenmue and a two part interview with its creator about the many franchises Yu Suzuki’s been involved with (like Hang-On and Virtua Fighter) as well as the reason for his recent departure from the limelight.

Today’s feature details the Japanese mobile game Shenmue Town (or Shenmue World as the story describes) and how characters like Nozomi Harasaki – Ryo’s lady ‘friend’ – shows up in the game as does Ryo himself. As your boss. That allows for players to experience Ryo’s story of revenge from a different perspective and is something Suzuki feels will be of interest to previous Shenmue players. As is the familiar town and settings. The game is only available in Japan at the moment but the team hope to eventually bring it to the West though don’t go holding your breath just yet.


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