Review: Fable III, Understone Quest Pack (DLC, Xbox 360)

Instead of being the revolutionary experience we were lead to believe it would be, Fable III‘s final moments left a sour taste in a lot of gamers’ mouths. However something about it and the whole game for that matter, did gel together rather well. The combat. So when I finished the main quest I was in dire need of some fun and the promise of more rhythmic battling in the Understone Quest Pack for only 400 MS Points was an alluring one indeed. How wrong I was.

Translating this into real money, the pack costs £3.43 but is hard to justify that price. You get one mission and two mini-games, all of which are as short on entertainment as they are on time. The mini, or rather micro, games are another bash at Reaver’s Wheel of Misfortune and a shooting range courtesy of the mercenaries. Both these experiences have appeared in previous Fable games as part of the main game so why they are paid DLC is beyond me. Especially when you thing how giving Lionhead were when Fable III was released, offering free bonus content from day one. Saying that, I did quite like the shooting range for the prizes it dishes out like any fairground marquee. But instead of almost dead goldfish in plastic bags, the mercenary who runs the range rewards you with gold or items. The lock-on targeting that Fable III has did take away some of the fun though and boredom began to set in fast. The Wheel of Misfortune was something that I found equally tiresome when I played it as part of the main quest so having a second crack at it did little to excite me. There are also a couple of new weapons to be found in the add-on but since I played it after completing Fable III, the weapons I already had were far superior.

What of the new mission? The actual Understone Quest? It’s essentially a bunch of small arenas that are populated with zombified hobbes and wolves. Without spoiling the story, they’re part of a security system that you must overcome. And you’ll be overcoming the same thing over and over again. Once that is taken care of, your hero will arrive at the town of Understone, a community living under Bowerstone with new shops and houses to exploit. One resident helps you continue the mission and once more you travel from one arena to another, fighting swarms of the undead. Like I said earlier, I really liked the combat in Fable III so this kind of thing should be just what I wanted from an add-on. True, it should have been but it was far too easy for a maxed-out king and over all too quickly. At the very end there is a moral choice to be made and one that I thought by picking the good option, would resolve one of my major problems with Fable III‘s end game. It didn’t. Bugger.

If any of the above sounded interesting to you then I’d say go for it, the Understone Quest Pack is right up your alley. On the other hand, if you’re left thinking that this DLC doesn’t sound like great value for money, then for you, it really won’t be.


But not a lot more. Hardcore fans of the franchise/genre maybe a little more forgiving of its issues.

Note: I’ve recently changed my scoring system for reviews. Click here for more details.


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