LittleBigPlanet 2-D

Sony’s efforts in pushing 3D TVs onto consumers has been vigorous to say the least and with the Move peripheral, was pretty much the focus of their E3 press conference this year. But today, the company revealed that LittleBigPlanet 2, part of Sony’s core franchises will not be supporting it. Nope, the game will only be playable in two humble dimensions. Now this is very interesting and the exact wording from Mark Valledor was “no 3D this time around” as he responded to a question on the US PlayStation Blog (it’s in the comments). No further comment was made regarding why such an important IP wasn’t utilising Sony’s latest hardware gamble but developers Media Molecule may just not want to sacrifice processing power in order to appease early adopters or indeed Sony themselves. As seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops, running games in 3D significantly reduces performance lowering the 60 frames per second of Blops to something resembling 20. Graphics are also adversely effected with a cap of 720p and not a progressive scan more. So from a playability standpoint and since graphics are a pretty big deal for consumers, the decision not to go all 3D on us is seemingly a wise one. But from a marketing perspective and to maintaining confidence in a yet unproven technology, I’m surprised Sony didn’t insist on the inclusion of 3D. Hey, that’s an internal debate that I’m sure was as heated as it was long!


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