Uncharted movie sounds ‘insane’

The once shy and retiring leader of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch outed his inclusion to David O. Russell’s Uncharted movie earlier this month and how Wahlberg’s portrayal of Nathan Drake would be accompanied by his father and Uncle. He also spoke of his fondness for director Russell and how “The idea that he has [for the movie] is just insane.” This madness has become a little clearer after Russell was interviewed by the LA Times (via Kotaku) and while Wahlberg uses the word ‘insane’ in a jovial fashion, I would use it as a negative description of Russell’s vision. He said: “This idea really turns me on that there’s a family that’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of international art and antiquities … [a family] that deals with heads of state and heads of museums and metes out justice”… Really? The Uncharted franchise is going to be used as a wannabe Indiana Jones movie? Oh dear. Ironically Russell comments on other video game adaptations saying “To me what a lot of those other movies lack is the level of character and heart,” despite the fact he’s bastardising the character by casting Mark Wahlberg as Drake and flatlining the heart of the IP with a total rewrite of the fiction.

Aside from the Indie similarities, expect plenty of bickering and man-hugging in what seems to be turning into another dysfunctional-family movie. Something Russell knows all too well and even refers to Flirting with Disaster as one of the influences for the ineptly named Uncharted flick.

“We’ll have the family dynamic, which we’ve done in a couple of movies now. And then you take that and put it on the bigger, more muscular stage of an international action picture, but also put all the character stuff in it. That’s a really cool idea to me.” Not to me Russell and I suspect other fans of the franchise and video games would also frown disapprovingly at such an idea.


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