Kirby fans receive an epic wait in Europe

Finally, Europe has been given an official release date for Kirby’s Epic Yarn being February 25th 2011. Nintendo delayed the game for our continent in August but America was still set for an October launch which turned out to be very successful. Back then, all we knew was that Kirby’s Epic Yarn would make an appearance over here in Q1 2011 but now we have a solid timeframe to focus excitement towards. Nearly five whole months separates both US and EU dates with no sound reason why other than the need for multiple translations. That usually gets the blame for holding up the European releases but a delay like this hasn’t been seen for some time. A few games have even hit the EU before they hop over the pond to America. Sadly not this little beauty.

I did think that delaying Kirby’s Epic Yarn for Europe was a good thing, giving it and other top Nintendo franchises like Donkey Kong Country Returns and Metroid: Other M a bit of breathing space in such a crowded period for gaming. However, maintaining a Q4 schedule in the US hasn’t appeared to have detrimentally effected their hype or sales figures. But most of all I’m just peeved that I must wait so long to play a game that demoed brilliantly and has given our American cousins one more thing to gloat about in the world of gaming. They already have so much!


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