Game Dev Story 2 being translated to English “soon”

It’s funny isn’t it? One of the biggest and most discussed game in the last month or so isn’t a blockbuster triple A release, nor is it from a highly established developer or contain a single gun. Well, that is unless you’re trying to create the next Call of Duty inside it. I’m talking about the mobile and iPhone phenomenon, Game Dev Story where you control the head of a development studio making the kinds of games only nerd can dream of. When I was told of its addictiveness, I scarcely believed that a port of a Japanese mobile phone game (which itself is a port of a PC game) onto the iPhone could consume so much of my time. But it did. And continued to do so for sometime.

Now the developers Kairosoft have announced a sequel is on the way but won’t be coming anytime soon. Why? Not because it’s yet to be created, Game Dev Story began its life on the PC back in 1996 and Game Dev Story 2 has been out since 2000 in Japan. Translating the game into English and porting to iDevices takes time and right now Kairosoft are working on other things. The team also want to better their millennium release: “We are thinking of improving the game by adding elements of networking in the sequel, such as sales score rankings and sending employees to a friend’s company, etc.”

So at least we know that it is indeed coming and the potential improvements sound pretty awesome too. But if you excuse me, I need to finish off the sequel to my popular franchise in Game Dev Story!

{Thanks Touch Arcade}


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