A little birdy told me about Bayonetta 2. Again.

Another day another public confusion caused by Twitter. Games director Hideki Kamiya was responsible for making Bayonetta brilliant and in the past tweeted some leading comments about a possible sequel. In September he was asked whether or not we’ll be getting a Bayonetta 2 and responded with “I believe so” adding “she’ll be back if you believe so.” Since then, I’ve been believing as much as my little head can but still no luck. So could his latest answer (via CVG) to a fan’s questioning of a second Bayonetta reveal any more info? No. Kamiya originally posted “You’ll see soon” leading followers to assume confirmation is coming but then the director stated he was meant to say: “you’ll see now what I’m doing,” and that his poor English was to blame for any confusion. However, ‘you’ll see now what I’m doing’ is just as confusing to me. But since he’s yet to actually say that Bayonetta 2 isn’t in development, I’d take that as a rather large hint to its existence over anything else.


One thought on “A little birdy told me about Bayonetta 2. Again.

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